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AAICM OBJECTIVE The American Academy of Indian Classical Music (AAICM) is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote the study and appreciation of Indian Classical Music in America. Its main objective is to provide an unsurpassed level of instruction in Indian Classical Music ...... Objective

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AAICM MISSION As a truly multicultural nation, America embraces the diverse artistic traditions of countries around the world. The study and practice of Indian Classical Music, which burst on to the cultural scene in the sixties, has consolidated and deepened over the years...... Mission

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AAICM PROJECTS The Season of performances will reach out to the South Asian community interested in Indian Classical Music as well as to an American audience with a growing interest Indian art forms. This season will build an awareness of Indian classical music by showcasing the performances ...... Projects

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Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan is a distinguished exponent of the Kirana lineage of North Indian vocal music, and is related by blood to many of the most distinguished luminaries in that tradition. He displays great invention and vocal agility in his recitals ......

The American Academy of Indian Classical Music (AAICM)
to promote the study and appreciation of Indian Classical Music in America



Teaching schedule



Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, Master Hindustani Vocalist performs at Klavierhaus

Wednesday, October 15th at 7:30 PM.


We offer group lessons as well as Individual lessons to study Indian Classical Music in New York, April through November. The group classes focus on the basics of a particular raga and its development and also on improvisation techniques and build on the theme through the season. Also learn from our Gurus in India on Skype.


We are very pleased to announce a $500 scholarship this year for a deserving student to learn with our Gurus. Both merit and financial need will be considered and prior knowledge of Indian Classical music is not a pre-requisite.The application process is simple and would include:

1. resume
2. personal statement
3. a recorded sample of music.


Internship opportunity


Student Events


Student Testimonial

We are also interviewing candidates for a paid part time internship position. The Academy is looking for a highly motivated and organized person who will assist us on a few key immediate priorities. This is a 6 month internship with an expected commitment of approximately 5 hours/week, with a possibility to continue beyond the initial 6 months. The ideal candidate should preferably have some interest in Indian classical music, should be able to work independently and have very good writing skills..

We host a couple student events each year including music appreciation sessions, a student recital and get together at the end of the teaching season as well as riyaz sessions in the off season. These events are free for all attendees but we request you to RSVP in advance as spots are limited.

"Studying and practicing Indian Classical music on a daily basis not only changed my entire approach to music but indeed has brought the greatest depth and joy to my life. I highly recommend that any serious practitioner of music spend some time diving deep into raga, the essential melodic archetypes, which is one of the greatest musical treasures. There is no musical equivalent to raga in the West, so training in raga develops a unique attunement and set of skills that is rewarding beyond compare. With over three decades of in-depth experience with both Indian and Western classical music, I can honestly say that our Gurus offer the finest instruction in the world today. We look forward to welcoming you to, and back to, our extended family."

Michael Harrison,
Composer, pianist, raga vocalist, piano entrepreneur


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